Why Fit Clean Meals

We serve Biblically clean, healthy food

While many will argue this, the standard of clean food comes from the Bible.  There’s more to this concept than meets the eye. Call us and we are happy to share with you why we are unique and the best.

Ref : Lev 11

High Quality Ingredients 

Most of our ingredients are better than the ingredients in most peoples home kitchen.  We use all natural or organic meat and veggies when available. 

No Hydrogenated Oils

We use only cold-pressed: olive oil & coconut oil.

Difference between expeller pressed coconut oil and clod pressed coconut oil

No Margarine or Imitation Butter

We use real butter, never margarine or any imitation butter.  

Butter vs Margarine

No Sugar Ever

We never add white sugar to anything.

We use Honey/Rapadura/Jaggery 

Rapadura? Panela? Sucanat? Muscavado? Turbinado? Organic Raw Sugar?

No Presevaties added

We never add preservatives and we also have your back when it comes to reheating your food.

5 Side Effects of Preservatives You Must Know About

This common food preservative deprives your cells of oxygen and causes cellular damage

Reheating Technology

That’s right, we don’t have the conscience to let you heat our food in a microwave where your food would be loaded with radiolytic compounds and change the molecular structure of your food turning our healthy food for you into poison. 

 Learn more about our Fit Clean Ovens

Our goal here in the Tri-Cities is to bring health to your table with absolutely no work on your part.   We also don’t recommend refrigerated meal preps as they go south pretty fast and start breaking down immediately.  So we freeze our meal preps as soon as they cook, so the internal time clock for when you heat it will be only the time it took to heat it. 

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