Fit Clean Oven

Why Fit Clean Oven Instead of Microwave?

Since we are health conscience, we cannot in good conscience recommend you to put your food in the microwave. First, the microwave changes the texture of the food.  Secondly, the microwave literally breaks apart the cellular structure and it changes the molecular structure of your food. It also through the destruction of cellular structure creates a harmful radiolytic compound. It also has been proven in studies to change your blood chemistry, increasing your cholesterol levels rapidly, decreasing your hemoglobin and lymphocytes. Microwaves also leak which can hurt you the consumer. So we cannot recommend the microwave. 

Here are some articles on microwaves: 

  1. The Proven Dangers of Microwave
  2. Do Microwave Ovens Pose Health Risks?



Transform your eating choices with the HotLogic Electric Lunchbox.

Fit Clean Oven

Enjoy a hot meal on-the-go, and make smarter eating choices with the HotLogic® Electric Lunchbox. The first step towards an easier, more convenient mealtime.
It's ready when you are.



It's So Easy, You Have to Use It to Believe It!




Professional Grade Technology In a Personal, Portable Size

The Hot Logic Mini is more than just an electric lunchbox. We borrowed from the same Patented Smart Cooking Technology found in our commercial ovens used in professional kitchens, health facilities and corporate lunchrooms.






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