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Step 1 : Choose your Meals

You can order in two following ways:

  1. One Time Order - You can choose any meal you want on our website. Select your favorite sides for the meal you choose. You also have an option to choose small or large Entree portion. Minimum 7 meals are required to place a One Time order.

  2. Subscription Plan - Find a meal plan that best fits your need from our various meal plans. You also have an option to choose small or large Entree portion. After purchasing your plan, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the Menu form that you will need to fill out weekly and submit to us. This will allow you to custom choose your Entrees and Sides. In the event you forget to fill out the form, we will default your meal choices to your previous weeks meal choices. You will be billed weekly on the exact same day of the week that you originally subscribed. 
    Form submission deadline is Friday before sundown every week, for the following week delivery (Monday through Wednesday). note: ordering is closed between 5pm Friday to 9pm Saturday

Step 2 : Choose your Drop Off Location

Every week Monday through Wednesday we drop off your meal-preps to one of our drop off locations . Please select your drop off location at checkout.

If you are not able to pick it up at these locations and time windows, you can always pick it up at your convenience at a location that can be determined. Please put in your special request for delivery at checkout or email us at or call us at 423-561-1623. And we will do our best to accommodate you.


Step 3 : Reheat your Meal

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